Ramps Direct

Ever since the invention of the wheel (or perhaps shortly afterwards) people have been using ramps for easy access allowing them to get in and out of places much quicker and easier. There are many different types of ramps designed for all types of situations from gradual slopes to enable wheelchair access into a building to car ramps for transportation purposes and even gradients to enable your elderly, overweight or short legged dog access the boot of your car without having to lift it yourself and risk a hernia or troublesome back problems.

We specialize in supplying all types of ramps for all types of reasons. We certainly know a thing or two, actually maybe even three or four things about ramps so you know where to come.

We’ve got a great choice of Car Ramps
Ramps for raising the car just a little way from the ground, enough to slide underneath and do some much needed repair work. It’s certainly much easier, cheaper and a lot less permanent than digging an inspection pit in your driveway or garage. A pair of Car ramps can really help to take some of the stress out of your life.

Vehicle ramps which enable you to drive your motor straight onto the back of a recovery vehicle or trailer. Essential for people and/or vehicles with the nasty habit of breaking down, for moving unfinished projects to the garage, paint shop etc. or for taking any vehicle anywhere you want to really. It is just about the only way in which one person can move two cars at once, no matter how clever they are.

We’ve got lots of different Dog Ramps
It can be very difficult or even impossible to lift a large dog into a high car boot; some people may even find it difficult to lift a quite small dog into a car boot too. Dog ramps are a fabulous idea which takes the hassle and the strain out of taking Fido for a drive in the car. They are light and easily transportable and can be carried in the car boot for when they are needed. They’re also fabulous for taking a normally fit and healthy dog to the vets or other treatment centre. Anything for an easy life, that’s us …

We’ve got Scooter and Skating Ramps
Where there’s something with wheels there’s a ramp to go with it whether for ease of access or simply good clean fun. These are just like transportable hills which you can set to be a steep incline or relatively shallow slope and can really help to bring out the trick rider in yourself or your children. Don’t forget the elbow pads, knee pads and of course a helmet, perhaps it’s a good idea to start off with a shallow slope before you try anything really impressive with these Scooter or Skating ramps.

We’ve got a good selection of Wheelchair Ramps
Wheelchair ramps not only make life easier for people, they are absolutely essential to enable access to otherwise … erm … places which would be inaccessible to wheelchair users. A simple step up may be nothing to someone on two legs, even a piece of cake for someone pushing a baby buggy but a wheelchair carrying a fully grown adult can be extremely difficult to negotiate steps and steep gradients.

Our superb choice of Wheelchair ramps can make the perfect solution whether a short, gradual slope or a steeper gradient is needed we’re sure to have just the thing.
So you see, the many different types of ramps can make a huge difference to peoples’ lives, and that’s why we’re proud to supply a great choice of ramps for all occasions at affordable prices.

Here at Ramps Direct we’ve got big ones, small ones, heavy ones, lightweight ramps, fixed rises, steep slopes, gradual gradients, tough ones, strong truck ramps, short inclines, long slopes – we really do have a ramp for all occasions.

You won’t find a better selection of ramps anywhere than right here at Ramps Direct – if a ramp can help to make your life easier then browse through our pages and you’re sure to find the very thing at a very affordable price.

There’s no need to struggle or do without in this day and age – where there’s a set of wheels there’s a set of ramps designed to go with them.

Go on, take a look and see whether your quality of life can be improved by something as simple and as fabulous as a ramp from Ramps Direct.