The Best Scooter Ramps of 2018

boy riding a scooter going airborne

Scooter ramps are great fun and can provide hours and hours of entertainment for kids of all ages … even those who were supposed to stop being kids many years ago.

Price Bands £ = Up to £20, ££ = £21 to £40, £££ = £40+

Ramp Model Band Rating
Osprey Skate Ramp – Black (105 x 71 x 30cm) ££ 5.0
Rampage Single Mini Ramp £ 4.8
Rampage Double Mini Ramp £ 4.5
Rampage 4-Way Mini Ramp Set £££ 3.8
Rampage Mini Airbox ££ 3.5

There’s a great choice of scooter ramps and skating ramps about with many of them also suitable for skateboards, bicycles and even radio controlled cars.

It is very important that you choose a scooter or skating ramp which is suited to your needs. The things to look out for include …

  • The quality of the ramp

    A well built ramp from quality materials will be sturdy and should not move when it is being used. This is an important safety feature – learning to jump ramps and perform stunts is a tricky business but relatively safe with a good quality ramp and the right safety equipment.

  • The strength of the ramp is important

    Some scooter ramps are suitable for adult usage whereas others are definitely designed for the younger, smaller and much lighter daredevil.

  • Ease of use is important

    Many scooter ramps are in daily use by children as young as five years so it is extremely handy if they can move their ramps around into position which they can do with the lightweight, plastic moulded type of ramp. These don’t need any assembly at all . . just pick them up, move them around and pop them into position.

  • The size of the ramp

    The height of the ramp and the degree of transition makes a big difference as to whether it is suitable for new young riders or older, experienced tricksters. Some of these scooter and skating ramps can really launch you high into the air which leads me to another consideration …

  • The space where it will be used

    You must think about the amount of space you have. Some of the larger ramps need a pretty large landing area for added safety.

  • Ramp storage is another important consideration

    If storage space is at a premium in your home or garage.

Single / Double or Multiple Ramps

Some scooter ramps are designed to launch you high into the air whereas others are double ramps which have a slope on both sides enabling the rider to up and down the ramp without taking off. Four ramp cross-over designs are also extremely popular with a central connecting platform. Some of these types of scooter ramp can be used as individual mini ramps or all joined together in one piece.

Just so long as you choose a ramp which will be sturdy enough and of good quality then you should be able to enjoy hours and hours of fun …

Remember that bumps and bruises are inevitable when you first start your stunt training so always wear a safety helmet, elbow and knee pads for a little added protection. Start off slowly and your confidence will soon build. These make fabulous gifts for young kids with a love of adventure and the great outdoors.