The Best Wheelchair Ramps of 2018

Wheelchair and StairsChoosing the right wheelchair ramps can make an enormous difference to your life or the life of someone close to you. Too often people struggle trying to get up and down steps or kerbs or worse still, living virtually housebound when all it would take to make a significant change in their lives was a wheelchair ramp.

Price Bands: £ = Up to £50, ££ = £51 to £75, £££ = £75+

Ramp Model Band Rating
5ft Lightweight Pair Telescopic Wheelchair Ramps £££ 5.0
Suitcase Ramp (2ft) For Wheelchairs and Scooters £ 4.9
Suitcase Ramp (4ft) For Wheelchairs and Scooters £££ 4.8
Suitcase Ramp (5ft) For Wheelchairs and Scooters £££ 4.7
SAC Electronics LE8101 Portable Folding Wheelchair ££ 4.3

Wheelchair or mobility ramps are available in a choice of different styles and designs so there is sure to be something suitable for all.

The best wheelchair ramps need to be solid and secure, well made and yet manoeuvrable and versatile.

Here are a few things you need to take into consideration when choosing any type of disability ramps …

  • The type of wheelchair or mobility scooter you need the ramp forIf your wheelchair has a wider wheel base at the rear than it does at the front then you will need to make sure that the ramp is wide enough to accommodate both wheels if you decide on individual, movable ramps.
  • Suitcase style wheelchair rampsAre available in a variety of sizes and bigger but in this instance bigger may not be better. Remember that large wheelchair and mobility ramps need lots of room and will generally be heavier and less easy to move around than smaller, lightweight wheelchair ramps. A 2 foot ramp, for example, may be just the job for wheeling your electric mobility scooter in and out of the shed at night if there is a ledge or doorstep whereas a larger 4 or 5 foot ramp may simply not fit into the available space.
  • Wheelchair type rampsCan also be used for many other occasions. Some people may have difficulty wheeling their wheelie bin into position for the regular collection but a small, light and easy to use ramp can make the job much easier.
  • Ramps come in extremely usefulWhen loading or unloading other types of heavy equipment from a van or other commercial vehicle. These strong, suitcase type ramps can be used for pressure washers and other types of heavy, wheeled machinery. This can help your company to follow strict health and safety regulations as well as helping the drivers to reduce the chances of back injury or strain.
  • Some wheelchair ramps can be left in positionFor permanent use, others need to be lightweight so that they can be easily moved and packed away in a compact fashion for easy storage. If you will need to move your ramp around be sure to find one that is lightweight enough for easy carrying and handling. Many of the fold away ramps have a useful carrying handle for added convenience.

When you are choosing any type of mobility ramp take into account when, where and how you need to use it, bearing in mind that these needs could change in the future. A well made but sturdy and lightweight wheelchair ramp really can improve the quality of life for all concerned.