Car Ramps

Maypole MP4601 Level Ramp Set Review

This twin level ramp set of vehicle ramps is first class, top quality, easy to use and great value for money . . . and you can’t say much better than that. Designed for heavy duty use with a maximum of 2000 kg load on each wheel these provide adequate support for the majority of everyday uses. They are extremely ... Read More »

Torrex Steel Loading Ramp Drive On Ramp Review

Heavy duty, top quality driving ramps made from steel for extra strength and toughness. The twin loading ramps have a 2000 kg maximum load capacity which is suitable for the majority of every day uses. The robust ramps are non-slip meaning that they stay put whilst driving up the ramps, the comparatively longer length of 950 mm and maximum height ... Read More »

Cougar Car Ramps 2 tonne CR2 Review

A good set of standard, no nonsense vehicle ramps which may not quite live up to garage quality but then again they don’t have a garage quality price tag. These ramps provide the perfect solution for home use when it comes to changing oil and regular servicing on a standard car or motorbike. The ramps are 810 mm long, 245 ... Read More »

Cartrend 50156 2x Run-Up Vehicle Ramps Review

Cartrend 50156 2x Run-Up Vehicle Ramps Extra Stable and Wide Load Capacity of 2T per Ramp for Tyres up to 225 mm Width Heavy duty car ramps with a maximum load of 2000 kg each make these the perfect choice for heavier vehicles and those with wider than average tyres. The ramps measure 245mm so can take 225mm tyre width ... Read More »

Lifting Car Device Ramp Jack 2T Hydraulic Adjustable Review

These hydraulic adjustable vehicle ramps are designed for ease of use for professionals although could still make life very easy for the private man in his garage. The ramps are supplied in pairs, each having the addition of a built in hydraulic jack providing a stable platform to work on cars, vans and other vehicles. Simply drive up the rise ... Read More »

Car Ramps 3 ton – Low Clearance Review

These extra wide, extra low clearance vehicle ramps are super strong, up to 3000 kg making them perfect for vans and 4×4’s as well as cars. Unlike the more usual steel construction these are manufactured from synthetic materials which are impact resistant and super strong. The ramps are 934mm x 340mm x 322mm so are certainly wider than average but ... Read More »

Cougar Car Ramps 2.5 Tonne CRW25 Review

These are traditional style, black steel car lifting ramps for maintenance and repair. Each ramp has a 2.5 tonne capacity making them suitable for the majority of cars and vehicles although the lightweight design perhaps makes them ideal for the smaller, lighter family car. The ramps weigh only around 5 kg each and measure around 210mm wide x 250mm high ... Read More »