Useful Sites

Below is a list of useful websites.

Mobility has helped lots of people with disability or mobility problems to hire new vehicles using their government funded mobility allowance. Also you can lease scooters and powered wheelchairs to make getting out a lot easier. is a one stop website which provides all sorts of products to help with daily living from continence care to recliner chairs. You can find everything here that can give you more independence in your day to day life.

Wheelchairs has a wide range of wheelchairs suitable for everyone ranging from what age you are to what size is more suitable for you. They also provide electric wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs. provides paediatric wheelchairs suitable for children and young people which are comfortable and help with posture. They work closely with health professionals making sure the wheelchairs are best suited to each persons needs.

Mobility Scooters offers a wide range of discounted mobility scooters and electric scooters. They provide some of the most popular scooters with genuine lower prices. gives you a guide on what to look for before you purchase a mobility scooter to help make sure you get the correct one for you depending on your specific needs.

Dog Lovers is the UK’s largest organisation which promotes the health and welfare of all dogs making sure that owners get everything they need to keep their dogs happy and healthy. They also provide help with dog training.

Skateboarding is the place to go to get all accessories for your skateboard. They have a fantastic range from clothes to stickers. They also provide safety equipment. has all the latest news and videos about skateboarding events. It also has a how to section which shows you how to do tricks and other useful tips.