The Best Car Ramps of 2018

There are simply loads of different makes, models and styles of car ramps on the market these days which can make it pretty difficult when deciding which would suit you the best. The fact is that different car ramps can be suitable for different vehicles and different modes of use.

Price Bands: £ = Up to £20, ££ = £21 to £50, £££ = £50+

Ramp Model Band Rating
Maypole MP4601 Level Ramp Set £ 5.0
Torrex Steel Loading Ramp Drive On Ramp 225mm ££ 5.0
Cougar Car Ramps 2 tonne CR2 ££ 4.2
Cartrend 50156 2x Run-Up Vehicle Ramps ££ 3.8
Lifting Car Device Ramp Jack 2T Hydraulic Adjustable £££ 3.7
Car Ramps 3 ton – Low Clearance £££ 2.8
Cougar Car Ramps 2.5 Tonnes CRW25 ££ 2.5

Before deciding which vehicle ramps are the best for your needs, you need to think about a few different things.

  • What do you want them for?

    This might sound like a bit of a silly question so bear with me for just a minute . . . are you a professional vehicle mechanic who will be using the ramps constantly throughout the week? Are you a private person who finds it difficult to service your car for the occasional oil change and rather fancy the idea of making life a little easier for yourself? Maybe you’re a keen caravanner who wants a quick and easy method of levelling your caravan on an uneven pitch or slope.

  • What type of car do you have?

    Car ramps all have a maximum weight capacity so you need to be sure that you choose ramps which can cope with your vehicle. You may need to pay a little more for heavy duty van ramps or even something which can take the weight of a truck if that’s what you will be using them for.

  • The width of the tyres is another consideration

    Some car ramps are suitable for average width tyres only and will be a bit of a tight squeeze for the wider tyres on a 4 x 4. Make sure that you choose something which can cope with the size, weight and width of your car.

  • The weight of the ramps may be a big consideration for you if you will have to move them around a lot

    Lightweight ramps may make them more transportable but they may not have the overall strength of a heavier duty vehicle ramp.

  • What about storage?

    If space is at a premium in your garage or shed you may need to take this into consideration when choosing the best vehicle ramps for your needs.

  • The angle and height of the slope is another important consideration

    Some people prefer the lower angle, relatively wide ramp for easy, smooth use but others may prefer a more traditional steel ramp which will lift the vehicle that bit higher for ease of access.

  • How high do you need to go?

    Vehicle ramps with hydraulic adjustable platforms can give your car that extra boost and stability if needed.

Make sure that your car ramps will be able to cope with the weight of your car (and remember that you’ll probably keep them much longer than you’ll keep your vehicle), are stable enough not to move when you are driving your vehicle up them and can hold your car/van/truck/caravan safely in place while you do whatever you have to do.

How to Use Car Ramps Properly