Wheelchair Ramps

Suitcase Ramp (2ft) For Wheelchairs and Scooters Review

The sturdy, well designed suitcase ramps are perfect for manoeuvring wheelchairs and electric mobility scooters up and down kerbs and steps as needed. Manufactured from lightweight aluminium they weigh only 5 kg for easy lifting and handling yet have a carrying capacity of 272 kg / 600 lb or 43 stone depending upon your preference – whether imperial or metric ... Read More »

Suitcase Ramp (4ft) For Wheelchairs or Scooters Review

These 4ft suitcase ramps provide the perfect solution for anyone who needs help negotiating kerbs and steps – suitable for wheelchairs, scooters, walkways and even commercial loading for trucks etc. Measuring 1220mm long x 715mm wide are suitable for many different locations, strong enough to withstand weights of up to 272 kg / 43 stones / 600 lbs yet weigh ... Read More »

Suitcase Ramp (5ft) For Wheelchairs or Scooters Review

Well designed, sturdy suitcase ramps which provide good access for wheelchair and scooter users as well as ease of loading / unloading for commercial truck companies. The ramps measure 1520mm long x 740mm wide which equates to 60 x 29 inches but folds to a more manageable 1520mm x 380mm x 80mm with a useful carrying handle. Manufactured from lightweight ... Read More »

SAC Electronics LE8101 Alloy Portable Folding Wheelchair Ramp Review

This high quality folding wheelchair ramp is extremely user friendly making it the perfect choice for wheel chair users as well as people who need a little extra help transporting wheelie bins, jet washers, trolleys and similar items. The ramp measures 95cm x 40cm x 8cm when in use but folds in half for easy handling and storage. Weighing only ... Read More »